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"Anyone can jump higher than a mountain
Because mountains can't jump"
- Dora The Exporer



Presented without comment.


Presented without comment.

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ctfirestarter said:

Minnie dei, 5!!

minnie dei in underwear, what else is new hoho ; 7 ; <3


Minnie dei, 5!!
minnie dei in underwear, what else is new hoho ; 7 ; <3

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NG - do not post without source


NG - do not post without source

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The fact that I have NO ONE to talk to. I feel like I can’t even talk to my boyfriend. I don’t think I ever felt this alone in my entire life.

I can’t even get myself in therapy fast enough (who the fuck knows what will happen in 6months, I could have attempted suicide or developed an eating disorder by then) and I can’t afford medication because I don’t claim benefits because JSA is too much pressure and I do occasional agency work and that means I’m not applicable to receive it for free.

What the fuck do I even do with myself? I’m completely lost.

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When a couple of baby boomer cishets care more about their house looking like a show home than the fact their 21yr old daughter goes to sleep every night hoping she never wakes up.

Why the fuck would you have kids when you don’t know how to love snd support them properly?

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Scumbag Baby Boomer memes are the greatest.

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My BDD means that I’m freaking out about my body right now because I’ve gained more weight then I intended to and I really want to start skipping meals, working out and start fasting.

My depression means I want to keep comfort eating and I don’t have the energy to exercise.

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i just wanna be tumblr popular enough 2 get ppl to draw me as a magical girl

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Let’s play a fun game called submit me cute pics of your pets

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